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Com-HAC 2018

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Data-Driven Storytelling

Alexandra Samuel PH.D, Researcher, Writer, Speaker

Realizing Equity Through Better Technology and Data Use

Journey to a Digital Office; Maran Ravindran, Vani Visva

Using Equity Data to Enhance Person and Community Centred Care; Caroline Bennett-Abuayyash, Cynthia Damba

If You're Not Counted you Don't Count: Moving Beyond Health Equity Data Collection; Notisha Massaquoi

Access 2.0: Creative Connectivity and Virtual Care Models

Project ECHO: Collaborating With Primary Care to Improve Mental Health; Christine Mitchell, Cheryl Pereira

Implementing an Online Mental Health Peer Support Platform in Ontario; Harriet Ekperigin, Steve Mathew

Connected Wellness: Online Self Management for Young Adult Mental Health; Chris D'Agostino, Tendai Mhute, Funmilade Taiwo 


What's Driving Your Decisions? Moving from Guesswork to Knowledge

Community Business Intelligence: Early Learnings from Community Health Sector Data; Daniel Liadsky 

Community Sector Insights - Combining Business Intelligence with Supplemental Data; Nathan Frias, Ting Lim 

The Truth Hurts: Using Data to Improve Data Quality; Mansoor Ahmed

PLENARY SESSION: Emerging Approaches to Managing Opioid Use

Presenters: Sarah Clarke, Tai Huynh, Lori McKinnon

Unleashing Possibility with Data and Technology

Enabling Coordinated Care through the Sharing of an Electronic Record; Diana Kulpa, Elizabeth Martinell

Building Agile Applications without a Software Developer; Rebecca Heersink, Mary Anne Welsh 

Towards Analytic Maturity; Haim Sechter


Evidence and Outcomes: Rethinking the way it's always been done


Is Your Data Safe? 

Panel Discussion: Disrupting the Status Quo: Views of the Future of Data and

Panelists: Mary Lou Ackerman, Janelle Hinds, Emily Nicholas Angl, Alexandra Samuel

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