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Plenary session 2019

Patients and Caregivers as Drivers: Amplifying Community, Support and Education in the Digital Age 

New technology and access to information aren’t only changing the way health care is evaluated and delivered. It’s tipping the scales of power in the system, by providing the platforms to increase integration and allowing patients and caregivers to be active drivers of their needs.


Hear from leading experts on new thinking and innovative approaches being used to support people through community building, increased engagement and education in the digital age.


MJ DeCoteau is the founder and Executive Director of Rethink Breast Cancer, the young women’s breast cancer movement. Hear how the organization re-strategized the way they offer support and services in the digital age and have built a global community of people affected and concerned about breast cancer.


Rob Quartly is a founder and the Creative Director at Grief Stories, a non-profit organization that makes short video stories with hope, insights and information about grief. The virtual video platform is created by professional filmmakers, vetted by health care experts and accessible anywhere and anytime to people facing grief and loneliness.


Aidan Scott, inspired by his own lived experience, is co-founder of Speakbox, a first of its kind digital mental health service improving patient and provider collaboration through digital care planning. Speakbox seeks to improve clinical efficiency while fostering patient autonomy with an all-in-one suite of tools including reflective journaling, mood logging, and an evidence-based activity library.


Moderated by Jodeme Goldhar, Executive Lead, Strategy and Innovation at The Change Foundation. Jodeme’s passion is convening opportunities for those in health and social systems to work together to realize the potential of the collective and she serves as a catalyst to support large-scale transformative change.

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