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Com-HAC 2017 

Keynote Presentation: Patient, heal thyself (there’s an app for that)

Kerry Munro

The technology revolution has created major advancements across all industries, including healthcare. The change is constant, and everywhere. But is it beneficial. Join an interactive discussion on the pace of technological change that is taking place and its potential associated impacts to managing health and wellness.

 1A-1: Mobile Technologies: The New Mental Health Care Frontier

Shelley Birenbaum, Anita Fineberg, Debby Shapero Propp

1A-2: Privacy in Primary Health Care – Some Really Unique Challenges

Rodney Burns

1A-3: PHI Sharing in Community Addictions and Mental Health

Diana Kulpa, Shauna Kingstone

Concurrent Session 1B: Using Data to Bring Health Equity into Focus

 1B-1: Measuring Health Equity: Collecting Sociodemographic Data

Gemma Broderick, Irene Zivko

1B-2: Using Multi-linked Mortality Data to Measure Inequities Within the Health System

Laura Rosella

Concurrent Session 1C: Data: From Insights to Action

1C-1: Digital Health Leadership in Canada

Mark Cassleman


1C-2: Unlocking Provincial Data to Drive Care Decisions in the Community

Shiran Isaacksz


1C-3: Personal Support Workers: Meeting High Risk with High Quality Innovation

Ken Daniels

Concurrent Session 2A: Technology: Putting Control in the Hands of Patients

 2A-1: The Patient Recovery Journey: Gaps & Innovation Opportunities

Zach Fisch


2A-2: Hope & Equity: Telehomecare in Specialized Assisted Living

Debra Walko

2A-3: Evaluating a Low Literacy mHealth Platform, TickiT®, to Collect Patient Experience Data in a Community Health Care Setting

Farha Khan, Michelle Westin

Concurrent Session 2B: Maximizing the Assets of Assessment Data

2B-1: Estimating Support Intensity for People Waiting for Supportive Housing

Frank Sirotich, Anna Durbin


2B-2: Use of InterRAI CHA Assessment Data in the Community Support Services Sector

Narain Motwani

2B-3: Evidence-based Care Planning… at the Touch of your Fingers!

Isabelle Girard, Linda Legault

Concurrent Session 2C: The Business of Community Health

2C-1: Creating a Waitlist Dashboard using APEX and Power BI

Gustavo Miranda, Michael Dominic, Christie Hayos


2C-2: Building Capacity in Performance Measurement, Quality Improvement and System Planning

Ann Barber, Dr. Evangeline Danseco, Dr. Alejandra Dubois, Kristina Rohde

Case Studies

Why Ontario’s EHR Matters

Andrea Tait


Health and Load Monitoring in Elite Athletes

Meghan Buttle

Panel Discussion

Driving System Change Using Data

Incorporating data and analytics into decision-making and patient care is an investment

into long-term sustainability of community health services. Join three leading health-system

experts as they share their perspectives on how using data can drive system change.

Anna Greenberg

Paul Kurdyak

Camille Orridge

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